Welcome to Metre2 Cloud

Your vision, your results, your cloud. Metre2 Cloud is a comprehensive set of cloud services that construction professionals use to build and manage their process. At Metre2 we adopt a flexible and unique approach to product, service development and implementation. Our tiered approach provides our customers with the best choices.

Metre2 Juniper

Metre2 Juniper is a UK based Microsoft Azure hosted hybrid desktop and cloud estimating solution. Juniper features multi-factor authentication, fully auditable private file containers (for associated information storage and distribution) and an integrated self-maintained vendor database. Along with the usual high quality metre2 precontract project toolset Juniper, includes Cost Planning, Bill Production, Unit Rate build-ups and full Trade Package management facilities.

Metre2 VRM

VRM encourages communication and collaboration between the contractor and vendor. It replaces mailshot style quantity of enquiries with targeted direct communication. VRM promotes high quality quotations and maintains detailed history of events. Reach new vendors via social media, QR codes enabling local labour clauses using vendor proximity.

Metre2 WPI

Interrogation of tendered estimate work packages provides the opportunity to assess and select vendors based on detailed package analysis. Vendor response statistics and competitive return evaluation. Identify package trends with package/GIFA data across whole business or specified regional estimate data. Metre2 WPI simplifies feedback to contributing vendors.

Metre2 Desktop

Metre2 Desktop and Cloud combine the speed and efficiency of a desktop application with the data security of Microsoft Azure providing you with the optimum project toolset. Bill Production, IFC quantity extraction, Cost Planning and Trade Package Management with email distribution of trade package and associated information, Unit Rate build-ups and Gross adjustments are all available to support your pre-contract construction activities.

Metre2 Publisher

Metre2 Publisher contains all the functions, reports and exports to create bills of quantities (.pdf, cite, MS-Excel), prepare for tender settlement meetings (.pdf, MS Excel) and provide BQ analysis and trade package comparison reports (MS Excel) for post contract teams. Metre2 Publisher may also be deployed as a read-only application enabling other team members to create reports from project information without the ability to edit project data.

Metre2 BIM Explorer

When considering BIM most users visualise complex 3D models and hear the promise/threat of automated estimates based on data they cannot see. This perceived loss of control over the precontract stage creates obstacles to the acceptance of BIM in the broader construction arena rather than encouraging it. Metre2 BIM Explorer concentrates on using the BIM Class information, extracting recognisable, familiar data for use by estimators and surveyors.