At Metre2 we adopt a flexible and unique approach to product, service development and implementation. Our tiered approach provides our customers with the best choices in how we can deliver solutions to meet the growing demands of the construction industry.


Our development services allow Metre2 to develop a specific solution to the customer's requirements. This method follows the Agile Development model.

Tailored Partnership Projects

This is a fresh approach to software development whereby we partner with specific companies to develop a solution or product. As it is a partnership, there are mutual benefits for both companies. The future revenues generated by the product will be divided between the partnership companies.


These are fully developed solutions that are currently available for use. They have followed our software development route, based on our experience and knowledge of the construction industry. Our products have been developed from both from a technology and business perspective and close collaboration with our partners to develop these products. Once fit for purpose they are then available for general purchase.





.NET Framework

.NET Core

.NET Core