Load and Save

From the file menu the user can load ifc-based or .m2bim files, as required, to display a hierarchical tree of all recognisable IFCTypes. The user can then drill in to each type to display the various instances and associated attributes. IFC types can then be saved as .m2bim files for faster reloading and use with the Metre2 Desktop application.

Search and Extract

The user can click the right mouse menu on a parent node and select Search Item (Search All to search all nodes) to display a criteria and results window.

The Select Search Term list box is populated with all available attributes in the selected node. Five separate criteria options can be selected.The Search to display function will then display the matching results.

The Export to Excel option will create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of the contents. Alternatively the user can select a row or series of rows and use Ctrl-C/CTRL-V to copy and paste rows manually in to Microsoft Excel.